Roofing System

  The synthetic felt that we use is much more durable than the black felt that other companies use.  The felt helps support the shingles if large diameter hail or a tree branch falls on your roof.  Normally the starter shingles only go under the first row of shingles to help hold them down but we put them all around the house on any edge to help the shingles against being pulled up from the wind.

When putting on an entire roofing system you need to pay attention to details.  Starter shingles hold down the shingles along any edge of the roof.  Most companies only put starters on the bottom edge of the roof.  We install them anywhere the shingles touch an edge for more protection against wind damage.  An added protection without the added cost.

Synthetic Felt

​Malarkey - Designer HighRes

Continuous Starter Shingle

RhinoRoof U20 Synthetic Felt

We do not simply want to put shingles on your house.  We want to put something on your house that will keep everything out that is suppose to stay out.  The way to do that is to make sure everything on the roof works together.  We only use the best quality shingles on your house.  Shingles that are specifically constructed to withstand the harsh mid-west elements 

Residential Roof Work in NE Kansas