devastating hail hitting your house you need someone to come and waterproof your house so the next storm doesn't ruin more of your house.Normally people don't see that kind of damage done by hail.  We normally see the damage that our little hail storms do throughout the year. Over time the little hail storms can cause enough damage to cause a leak.  The pictures on the left are of hail storm damage done houses that we have worked on in the 

Storms are great to be in if you have a good roof over your house.  The problem with that is that over time your roof will show wear and tear.  It's not a bad to have your roof inspected every so often.

​Hail damage is the number one reason people need to get their roofs fixed quickly.  Hail is usually round in shape but it can have sharp edges that cut and tear through shingles and sometime come all the way through a roof and land inside the area of the house that you live in.  I have seen where hail come through the roof and lands on the dinning room floor or was thrown by the wind and goes through windows and hits the opposite wall.  In extreme cases with

past.  These are pictures that we have taken for our records and to share with the home owner insurance adjuster.  

We all know the wind in Kansas can be tremendously strong.  Over time the shingles bread down and start lifting up with the wind and will eventually start breaking.  Shingles that have broken all the way off will leave your roof exposed.

Residential Roof Work in NE Kansas